2018 Spring Ball

2018 Spring Ball will be April 16, 17, 19 and 20 from 5:30 to 8:00 pm at Fairview Elementary in Roanoke, Virginia.


Important Dates & Lynchburg Squad Info

Important Dates to Remember:

July 25 at 6–Roanoke Equipment Distribution (Fairview Elem)

July 26 at 6–Roanoke Field Workday (Fairview Elem)

July 29 at 11–Lynchburg Equipment Distribution and Field Workday

July 30 at 3–Lynchburg Practice Starts

July 31 at 5:30–Roanoke Practice Starts

Team Updates:

We are getting close to the season, and the coaches are meeting tonight to finalize our first practice schedules. Roanoke starts on July 31, and Lynchburg starts on July 30. If you have not signed up, please do so immediately.

Parents, we need several volunteers to help keep the fields painted. This can be done while the kids are practicing or immediately thereafter.

We will have a workday at the Roanoke practice field on July 26 at 6. If you can be present to help, it will go a lot faster. We need to set up several things, and paint the field.

We will have a workday at the Lynchburg field on July 29 at 11, to the extent that it is necessary.

All equipment shipped last Wednesday from Texas, and should be arriving soon. Equipment distribution for Roanoke will be July 25 at the practice field. Equipment distribution for Lynchburg will be on the field workday, at the field.

If we are short on a few things, someone has offered to loan us some equipment until we can order whatever is missing.

Lynchburg Squad Practice Times and Location:
Practices will be at Dudley Field, on the right behind Leesville Elementary School (follow Constitution lane to the right of the bus parking). Practices will be on Sunday afternoons from 3 pm to 5pm and Wednesday afternoons from 6-8 pm. Practices will start on July 30.

Initally, the Lynchburg squad will focus on defense and special teams, although players may be worked into the offensive scheme as the season progresses. We continue to need more players for the Lynchburg team to be able to play on its own. If you know of anyone who is interested, it is NOT to late to sign up.