Spring Clinic

The spring clinic is still scheduled for May 1, 2 and 4 at Fairview Elementary School from 5:30 to 7:30.  We will practice even if it rains, but will stop if it is lightening.  You do not need to be signed up to attend, and there is no cost.  Remember to bring water.  Look forward to seeing everyone.


Roanoke Football, Inc. February 20, 2017 Update

As we approach our first week since our organizational meeting, I wanted to give everyone an update on where our program is, and where we are going.

Insurance:        We have purchased insurance for the year that covers both the team and provides excess medical coverage in the event of a player injury.

Spring Mini Camp:      Dates have been scheduled.  Facilities should be secured by the end of the week.  May 1 and May 2 will be “on the field”.  May 4 will be a weight lifting clinic with some conditioning.

Practice Facilities:       Practice and home game facilities should be secured by the end of next week.  God has blessed us with a donor who is covering this expense.

Games:            Our current game schedule is (all games at 2:30):

August 19—Greensboro Jamboree (Hester Park Greensboro) at 11:00 am

August 26—Panthers (Hester Park Greensboro)

September 9—Davie City Pride (Hester Park Greensboro)

September 23—Crusaders (Hester Park Greensboro)

October 7—Crusaders (Roanoke VA TBD)

October 21—Greenwood (SC) Raptors (midpoint game TBD)

November 4—Bowl Game (Quantico TBD)

We still have several teams that we are waiting to hear back with about a game schedule, and will likely have the varsity schedule finalized by the end of next week.  Note that JV schedules are usually not done until right before the season so that teams are sure they have enough to field a JV squad.

Practice:         Practice is tentatively set to begin July 31.  The first two weeks will run M, T, Th, F from 5:30 to 7:30 and Sat 10-12.  After that, practice will be M, T, Th from 5:30 to 7:30.  We may schedule a practice on Saturday if we have a bye week.  We are also contemplating a scrimmage Aug 12, but have not decided on whether or not to do that.

Individual Equipment:            We are waiting on one more quote to come in, and we will be able to select a vendor and get a better idea on price.  Within the next two weeks, we should have this finalized.

Team Equipment:        We are in the process of getting quotes for hitting dummies, a sled, and other basic equipment.  Some of these items are long term goals.

Offseason Workout:   Our offseason workout is posted.  It is important that players begin weightlifting as soon as possible in order to lessen injuries and increase athletic ability.  We fully expect players to show up to camp in shape to play.  The limited time we have to practice limits the amount of time we have to condition.

Anticipated Costs:      While we are just beginning to fundraise, we suggest that you begin budgeting $50 per month in order to have enough saved to cover costs, should our fundraising efforts not produce good results.

Fundraising:    Stacy Orange is assisting with the fundraising coordination.  We are in the process of trying to schedule several fundraisers.  More information about this will be coming shortly.  Please finish mailing out your $25 Campaign letters to churches in the next week or so.  We have started a Go Fund Me Page, which is linked to our Facebook (and soon our website) page.  Anyone can contribute on this page, and they will receive a tax letter.  We are going to need additional assistance with fundraising in the future.

Player Recruitment:    Right now, we have 13 confirmed players.  Due to conversations that we have had with other parents, we fully expect to have more sign up.  However, please get the word out and encourage people to sign up.  The more players we have, the more able we are to make a JV schedule to ensure players are playing at a competitive level.  Costs also go down when split between more players (i.e. the field rental is the same no matter what).  We are also generating a flier to be distributed in other private schools, and to other interested people.  We are also planning a follow up recruitment meeting, possibly in the Lynchburg area.

Affiliations:     We are in the process of discussing affiliation with local schools and homeschool sports leagues.  It is our goal to be the football team for high school sports entities that don’t have a football team.

Youth Protection Policy:        Due to insurance requirements and general good sense, all coaches and volunteers that work directly with the youth must fill out an application (which is on our website), must disclose if they have ever had a conviction for sexual abuse or a crime of violence, and agree to have a background check run annually.  Further, no adult associated with the program is allowed to be alone with a child that is not a blood relative.

Concussion & Injury Policy:   Due to insurance requirements and general good sense, any player who is believed to have sustained a concussion or other serious injury shall be removed from play and not allowed to return until cleared by their doctor.

Team Name, Logo & Mascot: Pending

Conference Affiliation:           Conference affiliation could be a possibility in the future.  Several conferences in the area that it would be possible to affiliate with include the Home School Football League in North Carolina, the Eastern Christian Conference, or the Mid-Atlantic Christian Conference.  The Eastern Christian Conference is looking to expand and create a southern division.

Coaching Staff:      Adam McKelvey, Head Coach & Line Coach



William Key, Defensive Coordinator



Blaine Compton, Offensive Coordinator



Patrick Crandall, Special Teams



Chris McKelvey, Assistant Coach



Glenn Compton, Assistant Coach/Trainer

(same contact information as Blaine Compton)

Other coaches are in the process of filling out their paperwork, and will be named in the future.  We could still use help from people with athletic training (taping) experience.